Beautiful Vintage Art Deco Stream-Gard Wheary Travel suitcase (very rare find).  Glistening stainless steel details. High quality luggage and in excellent condition.

Front consist of rare vintage Technics “Honeycomb” Speakers.
Dual side speakers consisting of a mid-woofer and a textile dome tweeter. 400 watts of power.

Its going to be hard to say good bye to this magnificent beauty. Available now.


About Mr. SiMo

I make BoomCases.
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2 Responses to introducing STREAM LINE EXPRESS

  1. I am the proud owner of this lovely beast. It sounds amazing and looks the part. I’ll be partying with this monster poolside Coachella weekend!

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      You have an amazing case for sure. Most likely we will never find a case like that again! Very Hard to Come by : ) Enjoy!

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