Check out our online store to see the latest suitcases available for customization!

Or  contact us – We are open to any idea you might have for a sound system, suitcase or not : )

BoomCase Home Stereo

BoomCase Home Stereo Edition

Ambsn “Pink Flamingo” BoomCase

The Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system works with your iPod/iPhone or any device with a headphone plug. This case will last 10+ hours on a single charge. In addition to running on batteries, The BoomCase can also be plugged in when the party goes inside. To save on weight, you can opt for a plug-in only version.

Prices Start at $500 – Final Price will be similar to pre-made BoomCases in our online store + a customization fee.

Options include:

Three NEW Options:

External Volume Control – $30 (For 200-400 Watt Amps)

Shoulder Strap – $30 (Removable Strap – Multiple Colors Available)

External Bluetooth Wireless – $35 (Play Music Via Bluetooth)

iPod – iPhone/USB Charger: $15  (iPad version $30)

Double Battery Capacity: $45 (16+ Hours of Battery Life. Adds 3lbs)

Solar Power Charger: $75 – $125  (Depends on style of charger you prefer)

75watt External Electrical Plug: $75  (Allows you power laptops,tvs etc. off of the BoomCase)

Speaker Grills: $20 and up (Depends on speaker size and style.)

iPod/iPhone/Android etc. Slot – $75 – (Convenient “Slot” for any audio device)

LCD Screen / LCD TV – $200 and up (Includes iPod/iPhone RCA Attachment)

If you would like one made to your liking please contact us at or click below:

Click to Adopt This BoomCase.

Click To Reserve A Suitcase.

Custom Examples:

Cyborg Cyclops – Custom 400 Watt BoomCase

Samonite BoomCases for Samsonite

BoomCase Boombox

“Big Thumpy”

Boom Buds

56 Responses to Customize

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  4. Tania M. Marin says:

    LOVE the idea!!! Will order one soon enough for my apartment… think its phenominal!

    Congrats & Cheers to your success,


  5. See my e-mail to you , re. my use of retro 50′s -60′s Samsonite hardshells in my music and comedy shows. I’ve been collecting them now for about 15 years and have a wide variety of the styles, colors, fabrics…from psuedo alligator, to olive drab, to the palomino beige, to burgundy, to blue fabric , to brown – tan naugahyde, and more….

    Interested in any collaboration? Tim Beasley

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  8. oCfuu says:

    This. Is. AWESOME!

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  10. kameron norwood says:

    wow! i want one now

  11. Joseph E. Glueckert says:

    I would like to have one of your red leather cases. What do I do next?

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  13. Uyen Vu says:

    nevermind.. i got my answer.. so how loud do they usually play?

  14. Uyen Vu says:

    sorry for asking so many questions, last one, are the cases openable? or are they glued shut?

    • SiMo says:

      The Cases are sealed/locked shut to protect the interals (amp,battery speakers etc) Im still working on making the inside space available although there isnt much space left anyways.

      -Dominic Francisco Odbert

  15. Delphine says:

    I love it !!!!!!
    I would like to get a blue one…i live in France but come to NY on 25th of november, is it possible to pick it there at that time ?


    • SiMo says:

      Hi Delphine,

      I can ship to France or if your NYC in November I will be starting to sell the BoomCase at Dijital Fix . You could buy one directly from the store although they might have sold out by then and/or they might not have a blue one.
      How long are you going to be in NYC? I can ship it to the address you are staying at if it is a week or so.
      Send me an email if you like to

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  17. Tom Grogan says:

    Love the idea!
    I would like to have one right away.
    Preferably a sought of dark blue but I don`t really know much about the watts and stuff.
    Could you please get back to me.

    • SiMo says:

      Sure Thing.

      Sent you an email but we will have some Dark Blue ones available after Christmas. Two black ones will be available this week.

      Thanks for the coments : )

      -Dominic “Mr. SiMo”

  18. D says:

    Please get in touch with me, saw Kan’s fabulous ,

  19. Tom Grogan says:

    Hi Simo,
    I am interested in the dark blue ones.
    How expensive would the dark blue one be and could you please e-mail me a photo of it?

  20. Mike says:

    Hello Simo,
    I’m interested in buying a boomcase and wondered how good the sound qaulity is? Could you give me a quote on the price of the Office Blaster 2 and The Office mate when shipped to England.
    Look forward to hearing from you – Mike

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Hello Mike,

      The sound quality is excellent. It surpass pretty much anything on the market no matter which model you choose. Shipping to England will cost approximately $105-$135. And will Take about 5 days.
      I believe those models have been sold but let me know if you would like for us to create something similar for you.
      Best, – Dominic

  21. alex says:

    i like the ones in the lunch box are u gonna do anymore like that

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Thanks Alex. Yes we are. Currently we dont have any ready made Lunch Box BoomCases but we do have a few “Blank” ones listed in our store: . You can resevere those and we will build them for you.
      Besides the ones listed we also have Star Trek, Batman, HeMan and a few others. We also will be adding some already built ones this week.

  22. Cody says:

    HI was wondering if you would be willing to customise a newer hardcase rolling suitcase?

  23. Felix says:

    Is it possible to put a guitar jack cable input in option??
    Ps: sorry for my english, I’m french

    • Mr. SiMo says:


      Thanks for the message. And no worries your English is fine : )

      Yes we can make the input for both a guitar or headphone. You can have one or two inputs.

      Note that the case is designed as a stereo and not a amp. So if you wish to play a guitar through it I suggest you first run it either through a small battery powered pre-amp such as this

      or a mixer or even use the iphone app Amplitude. People have done this before to play their guitar.

      Let me know if you have anymore questions.


  24. Felix says:

    Thanks for the advices. I’m searching for a red case to customize, do you think you will have one available soon??

  25. Philipp says:

    I will be needing a relatively large boombox. It must be very bass ready. Either ported or passive radiator. Must be able to play songs with crazy low bass. I’m talking 26hz basslines. Willing to pay $500. I want to know if this is possible, thank you.

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Thanks for the msg. We shy away from porting our BoomCases as it exposes the sensitive electronics to the elements. But we are up for doing a passive radiator : )
      Possible for sure. We can even get close to 30hz without a passive.

  26. Rich says:

    Are you able to add an output for daisy chaining speaker and are customers able to send in a speaker or speakers?

  27. Rich says:

    How much would it cost to make a thermos cup into a boomcase or boomcup and are you able to put an iphone dock or cradle in to expose the screen?

  28. Mr. SiMo says:

    No Worries. Ask all the questions you want 🙂
    Internally we have stopped adding them because we feel the sound quality loss is not worth it. You can however just add a simple external bluetooth unit that plugs right into the aux input port. This is what we do. Still though a direct aux cable input v.s. bluetooth = the aux is way better in terms of sound quality.

  29. Rich says:

    What type of battery do you use, 12 volt 5Ah?

  30. Rich says:

    …. And if you add an output for another speaker can you make it 15+ watts?

  31. Rich says:

    Can you email me pics of different speakers that can fit in lunch boxes?

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  34. johnny says:

    you had a 18″ sub trunk with a lcd tv….I would like a basic version with out the lcd double battery solar charger , bluetooth and external volume control also with a handle with wheels …how much am i looking to pay ????……with shipment to the uk. …..This is a serious inquirey….also what is the maximum power amp in r.m.s….and are they build solid [ re-enforced ]with out distortion from vibration.

  35. patrick says:

    Hello I was wondering how much is the x wing?

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