Booming Friends

A Collection of Sent in and Found Photos of Awesome People and Their BoomCases 🙂

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Janeks Singing Telegram – The Netherlands

“alive and kicking. all the best from berlin. and thanks :)” – Berlin , Germany

The BoomCase @ Burning Man 2011

“Taken on my roof in Casablanca, Morocco. To the right of the BoomCase is the Hassan II Mosque – the largest minaret in the world.” – Greg

Falcons x BoomCase

Falcons x BoomCase –

Vogue Fashions Night Out Japan 2011

Vogue Fashions Night Out – Japan 2011

“The Ultimate tailgate accessory” – Virginia Tech

“Kid Rock Just Bought My BoomCase.” – New York City

“Australian Gator” – Australia

“WONDERFUL !!! BEAUTIFUL !!!” – B.Mazel, France

“Welcome to Tokyo!” – Japan

BoomCase @ Ground Zero Celebration – Photo by George Brooks – NYC

Tight Mike & GobbleBox Video Shoot in The BoomCase Factory

Falcons aka Tight Mike & KayleoStocko Video Shoot in The BoomCase Factory

Custom BoomCase in 1951 Ford Deluxe – Arizona

Dibiase Making Beats with 2Hermano - Sacramento

Mr. Dibiase Making Beats with 2Hermano – Sacramento

BoomCase Babes @ LovEvolution 2011

“I got a noise complaint from a condo owner from skating with my boomcase on – awesome!” – Canada

The Monocle Order Launch Party – New York City

DJ Bunny Ears – – Chicago

Bay To Breakers 2011 BoomCase BoomBox

“ThumpBot” BoomCase @ Bay To Breakers 2011 – San Francisco

SkyWay BoomCase + 1968 Meceredes – LA

Doggie Approved – St. Louis

“Boom camp in Whiss post Friday ride” – Whistler, Canada

“BoomCase Lesson” – – Italy

Amelia Earhart BoomCase – Ohio University

Waiting for the Train – Maryland

Doctor Popular – – San Francisco

All Terrain BoomCase – Lake Tahoe

BoomSkate – Sacramento

BoomCase Party – Santa Monica (LA)

Wheary BoomCase – Australia

Part of The BoomCase Team & Tom Hanks + His new BoomCases – LA

“Getting My Case Out of Customs” – UK

Duck Boom & BomberMan @ MidiKat – Sacramento

“The Boomcase in effect at the Santa Cruz beach volleyball courts…”

Most BoomCase Collected Record going to our man in NY 🙂 Here they are all hanging out.

Walk n Rock for Kids 2011 – Sacramento

Custom "Sky" BoomCase - London

Custom “Sky” BoomCase – London

San Diego BoomCase

“My GF got me a Boomcase for my birthday! Now all we need is some cardboard for a breakdance party” – San Diego

From Brooklyn

The Well Traveled BoomCase NYC and Montreal – Next Spain – via Brooklyn


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