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36 Responses to Store

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  2. Tobias Fox says:

    Hey there,

    just love the idea – great way of recycling old cases, right?

    Are they still good to go for transport sth. or is the “interieur” pretty messed up with cables and things?

    Take care and all the best from Germany,

  3. bob says:

    How do you handle sound dampening around the openings and locks/handles of the suitcase? Just want to know if they tend to rattle much or if you glue that stuff in place, etc.

  4. Addison Schulberg says:

    What kind of amps do you use? Could they be used for an electric bass or guitar.

    These are some of the raddest creations.


    • SiMo says:

      Yes they can be used for guitars or a bass. Although you wont have any controls like “tone”. It would be similar to plugging your guitar into a home stereo system. All adjustments would have to be made on the guitar or on some type of effect pedal/machine between the guitar and the Boomcase.

  5. Sabine Lachinger says:

    please let me know if we can receive a wooden, white or black boom case for a photoshooting in hamburg on october 21st – don´t worry: we pick the case by dhl or ups. it´s a shooting for austrias leading lifestyle magazine. i just found your boomcase and it´s amazing!

    the stylist will be kirsten schmidt (she is also working for vogue italy), photographer is oliver schwarzwald,

    let me know!
    sabine lachinger
    editor in chief
    d+r publications
    leberstrasse 122
    1110 vienna, austria
    tel: 0043 664 450 71 92
    email to:

  6. Marcus D. says:

    Hey, maybe cou could made a BOOMcase with a fence in front of the speaker. It would be good for using the suitcase outside, for example while laying in the park, just an idea.

    But great work! Maybe I will afford me one of them 😉

    • SiMo says:

      Yeah its possible to add a grill to speaker no problem. But I already take my Boomcase outside for picnics and park fun : )

  7. Kit Webster says:

    Hi, great idea. Are you considering creating a rechargeable battery powered version?

    • SiMo says:

      They are all rechargeable battery : ) There is a little plug on the side of the case. You plug the included charger into it,sit back and relax.

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  11. AJ says:

    R U in L.A. can we pick these up? what batteries do you use, amp hours–r there lighter battery options, aside from lead acid.i will be supplying you with the pro PA speakers-200w , w mixer,4 6inchers, & 2 tweeters-from B-52 matrix 200w me what it looks like inside–light weight for street performance will be its use.

    • SiMo says:

      They weigh anywhere between 9-15 lbs depending on setup. You can supply speakers if you want but the amp wont work as we use our own amps that how we get over 9 hours of battery life using the batteries we use. We are in Sacramento. Shipping to La not a problem.

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  13. me copiaste la idea jajaja yo las hice hace mas de un año y ya se que no son como las tuyas pero mi presupuesto no es tal alto va para que las cheques
    soy de mexico vaa agradeceria tu opinion

  14. I copied the idea lol I made them for over a year and already they are not like yours but my budget is not so high that the checks will
    I’m from mexico vaa appreciate your opinion please thanks

    • Mr. SiMo says:


      Yeah Its an old Idea for sure. Companies started doing this since the 1950 and people have been making their own version for years. : ) I cant load your picture though. Got another link?

  15. Bryan Casella says:

    I love your site and your products. I have been looking at your website everyday for weeks now because I can’t get this idea out of my head. I hope you don’t mind but I have to try to make a few of my own. When I finish one I will send some pictures.

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Thanks for the comments! Don’t mind as long as you are not selling them as the BoomCase is copyrighted and trademarked.

      Best Regards,
      Mr. SiMo

  16. My friend sent me here because he knows I’ve been looking for vintage luggage for my wedding. He said you might be able to help me find a place to purchase them. Do you shop local or order the pieces online?

    By the way, you’re stuff is pretty legit! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to purchase from you soon!

    • Mr. SiMo says:


      Thank you and congrats!
      I shop local. Antique malls, fairs and the sort. Where are you located ? I could give you some pointers in California.

    • Mr. SiMo says:


      Thank you! Yeah we usually shop local (SF Bay Area – Sacramento, California) for our suitcases. Let us know if you need anything : ) and Congrats!

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  18. Mike says:

    Just wondering, I listen to a lot of dubstep, and I want a BOOM, how do you think it’d work out with a couple subwoofers on one suitcase? But I also want the mids and highs to be crisp? Think it’s possible? Also, I want to keep in price range I don’t want to spend 1,000 bucks.

  19. johnoff villar says:

    how much does “the cyclops” cost?

    • Mr. SiMo says:


      The Cyclops has sold but something similar will cost around $600 something dollars. Check our store – for our latest BoomCases or send us an email – if you have any more questions.

      Best Regards

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  22. Love the idea, originality, and creativity. Classic.
    Would you be willing to help me make my glovebox and my center console their own boomcases?
    Either way. I’ll be doing some business with you soon. =]

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