The Gallery Of BoomCases.

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“Slick Rick”

Business Gator ST-6

Vintage Wooden Tool Box

Samsonite BoomCases for Samsonite.

Tech Bot

Silver Delights

Vintage BoomCase

Dual 12″ Woofers – 400 Watt – Tweed Stripe BoomCase

Independce Day BoomCase

Independence Day – 4th of July Special – 200 Watt BoomCase

Spruce Goose

Retro Gold

400 Watt – Dual 12″ Woofers Trunk BoomCase

“Rugged Reptile” – 200 Watt BoomCase

400 Watt Custom BoomCase

400 Watt BoomCase Designed for Maximum Outdoor Volume.

Cyborg Cyclops – Custom 400 Watt BoomCase

BoomCase 200 watt

200 Watt Custom Designed “Reptile” Samsonite BoomCase w/ Switches & Plugs on top.

BoomCase Now Available.

The Fighter Pilot

Skyway 200 Watt Custom Boomcase

BoomCase Bot

Strat-o-Way Luggage Suitcase BoomCase

400 Watt Custom BoomCase – 12″ Speakers

Area 51 BoomCase

Area 51 – Only 250 pairs of these speakers Made. Very Rare.

Custom Rare “Round” BoomCase

Custom 200 Watt BoomCase


“The Cooler” 200 Watt BoomCase

Mighty Mini Gator Blue BoomBox

Mighty Mini Gator

“ChroMegaMan” – 400 Watt BoomCase

Custom Samsonite BoomCase w/ iPod Slot

X-Wing 400 Watt BoomCase

Power Raider

50 Watt Plaid Train Case with Subwoofer

Custom Plaid Train Case with Optional Square Subwoofer

Custom 200 Watt Class Favorite.

200 Watt Custom BoomCase with Lucite Handle

“Thump M.A.S.H.E.R. 200 Watt 1950’s Army Issue Case.

Samsonite Briefcase. Custom.

200 Watt BoomCase w/ Speaker Grill and Vintage Stickers

200 Watt Custom BoomCase

“Ziggy Brown” 200 Watt BoomCase.

Flash Mob BoomCase Style!

Two 400 Watt BoomCases Designed for a Flash Mob Group.

Mighty Mini – 200 Watt BoomCase

200 Watt Samsonite Alligator BoomCase


Lady Baltimore BoomCase

Yellow Subwoofer

200 Watt “Fat Boy” BoomCase

Custom Lunch BoomCase

50 Watt Custom JC Higgins BoomCase

“Double Mint” Custom 200 Watt Samsonite BoomCases.

Optioned Out Custom BoomCase.

“Wheary” Custom BoomCase

Samsonite Train Case with External Plug – USB – Volume Control

“Thumpinator 2 – T2” All Wood BoomCase.

200 Watt Custom Cases

Custom 400 Watt BoomCase – 5 Speakers.


“Duck Duck Boom”

Custom “Amelia Earhart” BoomCase.

Gibson Guitar BoomCase with Space for Your Gear.

Custom BoomCase

Custom BoomCase with Speaker Grill.

BoomCase Shoulder Strap Large & Medium

“King Fisher” 200 Watt BoomCase


BoomCase Boombox


“Almost Aussie” Custom BoomCase

The First BoomCase – Double Sided


29 Responses to Gallery

  1. Chad Vegas says:

    yo these are flat out ridiculous man. need to be in contact with you for a case in the near future…give me some price quotes for maybe a medium sized case with 200-300 watts… usb charger… plugin and battery operated…somethin fresh…i do hip hop production…i also hit your facebook up as well.. keep in touch …peace

  2. These cases are where it’s at. It’s so refreshing to see something so practical made as art. I’ve been making my own little boom boxes but they don’t even come close. VERY impressed.

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  4. Erik Marvik says:

    Wow. These are ridiculously awesome. I used to own a mint-condition Lasonic TRC-931 and loved it like a child. Unfortunately, it was stolen a few months back and I’ve been searching for a replacement ever since. I think I may have just found something that one up’s it! Can you give me a price quote for something similar to the “Big Thumpy” you created? I’m looking for 200-300watt 3-speaker setup (tweeter, mid, and low-range) housed in a sleek modern briefcase. Plug-in & battery powered with an auxiliary iPod connection. Also would be nice if the speakers had some cool looking grills so I don’t have to worry about speaker punctures. Thanks dude and keep up the awesome work!

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  6. vj says:

    Beautiful cases! I’ve made one out of a violin case. And build amplifier (wall plugged) in old suit case.
    Yours need definitely a grill in front of speakers to prevent damage while walking!

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  9. Lawrence de Martin says:

    Great idea!

    My wife has been bugging me to clean the old luggage and shipping boxes out of the attic and my assortment of leftover drivers out of the basement. This beats eBay by thousands of $$!


  10. Mike Dolan says:

    I just had to tell you how nicely done, and well made these cases look. What a great concept. Marrying the old school luggage to the new school speakers is the perfect match. Great stuff.

  11. Die Koffers says:

    Hello Mr. Simo,
    some cool designs you got there. I’m wondering how you do the mixdown since many of your cases seem to be mono/1 channel sound only. Do you do a true mixdown as in combine both stereo channels into one mono channel, or do you take just one channel from the stereo signal and put it on the speakers as mono? Very curious about this since i do cases like this myself, but was apprehensive to use only one channel up to now (loss of detail/instruments/etc) and my mixdown “electronic” thingy is still in testing/wannabe stage because stereo just sounds better. I have to admit though, being able to sacrifice one channel for design purposes can yield some pretty nice compromises/design choices 🙂

    thx, for the inspiration,
    Die Koffers!

    • Lawrence de Martin says:

      Most stereo is an advertising trick to sell you twice as much gear. Real stereo requires capture of harmonic phase differences generated by the acoustics of the instrument (soundboard size, etc.) and the room. Panning controls are 100% fake and do not fool acoustic musicians.

      Combining stereo channels is best for mono-compatible signals, which is 99% of recordings. For true stereo recordings, taking one channel is better representation. I suggest a switch if you care about accuracy.

      If you are making recording for a mono portable case, you can use MS (mid-side) dual microphone and matrix the L-R tracks. This is standard technique for broadcast and film where mono compatibility is still a requirement.

      • Die Koffers says:

        Thats all good and well and true, but what if i have a true mono case and happen to find one of those rare true stereo recordings (some m4a file, or a very good flac file in the player). With a true mono case i will miss that cleverly positioned trumpet in the corner or whatnot ;). Hence why I was curious about the mono type cases using one channnel or a “mixdown”/combination of both channels. If they are all custom though, i guess it depends on the client then, eh?

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  13. Randall robinson says:

    How do you keep the suitcases from resonating?

  14. mr tommy zee says:

    amazing. much respect. peace.

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  16. This is some kind of sweet!!!!

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  18. What fantastic re-cycling work. That certainly deserve a medal or prize winning in the US light sound industry. An American friend of ours in Birmingham UK called Tom is thinking of using unwanted old coffin shaped woodem violin cases to make a few of the same, Chicago style!

  19. Anton says:

    need some one!!!
    can you send this one to russia?
    (sorry for my bad english)

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  21. The idea of packing the boom box has your shoulder has came a long way…lol. I like the idea! Where do you sell them?

  22. just giving some support to this awesome idea.

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