Pressed Press:

The Standard – USA

The Observer Magazine – UK

Foam Magazine – USA

Marie Claire – Italy

New York Times – Online Version

San Francisco Chronicle – Online Version

Business Punk – Germany/Europe

Rolling Stone Holiday GuideOnline Version

ArtBox Magazine – UK

WeAr – Global Magazine

AlaCarte Magazine – Austria’s Leading Lifestyle Magazine. Photographed by OliverSchwarzwald. Styled by Kristen Schmidt (Vogue Italy)


Dreamer – France


Las Vegas Weekly

DIIVAN Magazine – Estonia

This Magnificent Life – Australia

The Essential iPod Guide – Australia

Silicon Valley Metro

UMM – Urban Male Magazine – Canada

Los Angeles Times

Mountain Life – Canada

GO Magazine

The Daily – News Corp iPad App.

AVID Magazine – St. Louis

Avid Magazine

Air Le Mag – France

Air Le Mag France in McDo Johnny Depp on the Cover

Twyst Magazine

FYI Magazine

Television Spots:

The BoomCase is honored to be apart of the new Bosch IXO! Look out for The BoomCase in commercials, print and online across Europe. We ♥ Bosch & Jung Von Matt.

Bosch IXO + BoomCase

Stream Liner Express BoomCase on NBC’s Prime Suspect – Watch It Here.

Online Press: – Great Interview by Steve Guttenberg – The Blog That Started it All! – Design Magazine

Aol Small Business Interview by Patrick Sauer

France 24 – Newspaper/TV Program

Thrillist – New York & San Francisco

Illusion 360

LaWeekly (Pressed and Online) – Main Page & Gadgets – Hungarian Green Website – The GQ Eye


12 Responses to Press

  1. hoodrich says:

    what a f****** rip off..

  2. Jesse says:

    Yours look great! Brilliant idea!

  3. Stefan OConnor says:

    Mr. SiMo, cases are classy and top quality.

    In the early 80’s I made mine mostly with reinforced Aviator Cases, motorcycle battery (heavy as crap) Jensen Triax-3 6×9 speakers, Pioneer Supertuner Car Tape deck, some sort of Powered EQ, and 2 extra padded guitar straps to help carry that b*tch. Always modified to out do the next persons box…. adding strobes, colored lights, auto-antennas, car horns, and hook ups for Two turntables. Fun times!

    Where are you guys located?

    Nice work on your cases.

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Thanks Stefan! We are in Sacramento, California. Got any pics of your 80’s “BoomCase”??!! : ) Sounds amazing.

      • Stefan OConnor says:

        REALLY? Sactown? I live in Rosemont… Watt Ave and Hwy50… Too funny! I’ve been impressed with your “Sound Art” for awhile and had NO clue you were in the same town. 🙂

        Over the weekend I’ll start digging through old photos… Hopefully, I find something worth scanning and forward it to you.

  4. Stefan OConnor says:

    Not one freakin picture in my stash… I will have to dig through my Mom and Dad’s stockpile of family photos…

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Ahh! :/

      No worries! Anything you can find will be cool!
      Yeah Sacramento : ) We started out in San Francisco though so many people think we are there.

      Have you ever seen that guy at the Sacramento Flea market on Folsom Blvd who makes “BoomCases” in briefcases? Looks like he has been doing it forever too!

  5. Stefan OConnor says:

    That’s right down the block from me… but, haven’t been there ages. I do go to the electronic surplus store right next to it for cool old school electronic chit a few times a month. Now I’ll have to go by the old flea market . : ) Is that you at the market or another maker? Nonetheless, I’m still gonna have to check it out now…lol

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      hehe Nope not me! But I would see him even when I was younger. He’s in the far back behind the last building : )

  6. Stefan OConnor says:

    Did not see the old dude nor anyone else selling Boom type cases at the Market… LOL

    However, I did find a nice vintage Seal Skin leather case for $10! I can’t identify the brand though… the only markings inside and out are… “MNS” in gold stamp lettering on top (Initials?) and on the bottom stamped in the leather “Genuine Seal”

    I’ll email few pix if you’re interested in seeing.

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