Most Important thing to Know about your BoomCase:

Please double check that your BoomCase is off when not in use. If left on for over 24 continuous hours it can put a strain on the battery that can overtime damage it. If this happens we will replace your battery for you the first time it happens. Charge after heavy use. Charger is fully automatic. No worries about leaving it charging over night. If turned off when not in use and charged properly your BoomCase will last longer than your laptop computer : )

Questions Answered:  Work in Progress….

How Do I Order a BoomCase?

Check the Shop for Ready to Ship Cases and the Customize page to make your own.

Where Can I Buy A BoomCase?

The BoomCase is currently carried in these fine stores with a few more on the way. Dijital Fix – NYC + Score – San Diego + MidiKat – Sacramento + A&G Merch/Dijital Fix – San Francisco + CoStar – Austin,TX + Paul Smith – Milan,Italy + Klein Epstein & Parker – West Hollywood,CA + A.K. Rikk’s – Grand Rapids, MI.

How Long Does It take to Make a BoomCase?

It takes us about three weeks to complete and ship a custom ordered BoomCase. The BoomCase is handmade by a team of three people.

Does the BoomCase come with a warranty?

Yes. We put a lot of work into each BoomCase. So we will fix most issues that come up for free if you send your BoomCase back to us. If you damage a speaker or your battery goes bad because it wasn’t properly charged we can replace them at cost. Some issues that have come up (and we fixed for free) – accidental breaking of the on/off switch, breaking audio cable inside audio input jack or bending the charging port. We have had this happen to about 5 cases so far. Other than that the BoomCase is pretty solid and will last you a long long time. Just keep it off when not in use and put it on charger often.

How much does the BoomCase weigh?

Most BoomCases weigh between 11-16lbs. Our lightest BoomCase is only 6lbs and our heaviest 30lbs. It all depends on size, amount of speakers and options chosen.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes we do. We have shipped to Italy, The UK, Australia, Germany,The Netherlands, Japan and more. You can expect to pay around $100-175 for shipping. Within The US it is $55-85.

Will the Boomcase work with a electric guitar or synthesizer?

Yes. We can configure your Case to accept any type of input but suggest a small headphone amp on certain guitars to get a little extra volume as they are setup to be more like a home stereo versus an actual “guitar amp”. See an example of a BoomCase, a mixer and Synths here – YouTube. You can also use Amplitude for the iPhone.

Do you have an email list?

If you look on the right side of this page you will see a Email Subscription button. If you sign up you will receive the latest news about available BoomCases and Suitcases. We are also on Facebook.

Can I get protective grills put on my speakers?

Of course. We are starting to offer speaker grills for most of the speakers on the BoomCase. Prices start at $25. Grills might not be available on the smaller speakers.

How Do You Tell How Much Battery Life is Left?

We just introduced two new led Battery Meters. They are $30 each and will change from green to yellow to red indicating how much charge your battery has left.

Any video of the BoomCase in action?

How does the USB Charger and Battery Charger Work?

Just plug in the battery charger to the case and let it be. Its fully automatic. The USB charger allows you to charge any device that can charge from a computer USB port.(iPod,iPhone,BlackBerry,Droid, Various Mp3 Players etc.)

How Does the 125w Electrical Plug Work? What can I power with it?

We add an inverter inside the BoomCase and put a plug on the side. This allows you to power devices such as your laptop or a mixer directly off the case.


29 Responses to FAQ

  1. Eliott says:

    Hey, this is very cool. Just wondering when you will have another shipment of vintage cases for choosing, am looking for a mid size vintage brown leather one. Let me know!
    Cheers, Eliott

    • SiMo says:

      Hello Elliot,
      I Just got in a suitcase a little taller than the smallest case in this picture but not as tall as the big one : )

      Let me know if you are interested.

      • Angus Miles says:

        Hi if Dominic is not interested in the bag you describe i would love to have it customised. I live in Australia and would like a case as a gift for christmas.

        Just let me know

      • SiMo says:

        Hi Gus.
        No word from Elliot Send me an Email if you want to get started on a case.
        I actually have two so you wont be stepping on anyones toes : )

      • Danna says:

        is the other red suitcase still available?

  2. Angus Miles says:

    sorry Elliot*

  3. Tim says:

    Hello, I was wondering what kind of speakers you use or if requests can be made?


    • SiMo says:

      We use a variety of speakers some new some used. It all depends but some brands we use are sony,paradigm, kenwood, klh, fisher, JVC, vifa etc.

      Request can be made also. We are open to anything : )

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  4. Bret young says:

    What kind of amplifiers do you use in your boomcases? Do you reuse old amps out of vintage home stereos? Out of computer speakers?

    Please let me know. I am curious.

  5. Alan says:

    Hello i would like to know how can i get a boomcase,because i am in brazil and i would like to know how much i would be the boomcase cheaper already with the freight

  6. kriz says:

    hi very intrested in purchasing! though what battery is used and how long is charging?

  7. Joel says:

    2 questions:
    1. Would you all convert a customer-supplied brief case into a boom case? I still have the old leather brief case my father gave me before I went to college. It would be nice to put it to good use.

    2.Would it be possible to set up the USB port to serve both as a line-in for my Ipad/Iphone as well as a charging port?

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Hi Joel,
      Thanks for the msg.

      1. Yes you certainly can do that. A great idea to make something old new again : )
      2. We have not done this yet but it might be possible yes. Our only concern is that there might be some feedback when it is charging. But we are open to experiment.

      3. Please send us an email – orders@theboomcase.com – and we can figure it all out and send you our address etc.

      Best Regards,
      -Mr. SiMo

  8. Jared says:

    Hi Guys,

    Congrats on your awesome Boomcases and sweet website. I haven’t jonesed so hard for something in a long time. Apologies if my question has been asked or if it’s a no brainer… Can I hook up a turntable? Simple adapter the fix???? I just don’t know….


    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Hi Jared,
      Thank you! 🙂 You certainly can hook up a turntable. We can include a simple RCA to 3.5mm (headphone jack) cable to hook up your turntable. Just make a note of it after you place an order. Also make sure you get volume control on your case because most of the time there is not volume on turntables.
      Let us know if you have anymore questions.

      • Dig the suitcases! Just a heads up though, many turntables do not have a line level out and require a preamp to boost the signal. For instance, the standard Technics 1200 DJ turntable requires a preamp or a phono input on your amplifier. In those cases a simple 3.5mm to RCA adapter would not work.

      • Mr. SiMo says:

        Hi Jonathan,

        Thank you. I have tried out many Turntables new and vintage and they all seemed to work good. Some with more volume that others but overall nothing that would require any preamp. Customers have also run Turntables with good results. It might be because our amps have 40+ DB gain on them. But I definitely see what you are saying and am sure that not all turntables will work. Hopefully people with DJ turntables have a mixer also and can just run it through their mixer into the BoomCase. A Mixer solves all the problems you can think of including boosting the mic signal. (Pluggin a mic directly into a BoomCase works but is super loud). Check out this video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmREXR0dKeY – everything ran through mixer- not original audio but it sounded great – video is a bunch of clips so had to change the audio.

        Thanks for the valuable information!

  9. sam says:

    I love the suitcases!! it has to be some of the best music systems I have seen on the market to date. I’m saving up to buy one as we speak and I’m from the UK so it might take a while. What would you recommend to buy because I’m looking for something loud with good bass and something of a large size but portable enough so I can take it places. Would be a big help for some advice.

    All the best Sam

  10. sam says:

    HI again thought I’d ask another question is there a way to purchase boomcases from Ebay??

    • Mr. SiMo says:

      Thanks for the comments. We do not sell on ebay because we have our own online store. Please click store to see all our BoomCases. 🙂
      You can pay with paypal or credit card too.

  11. max says:

    Hi there,

    What sort of batteries do you use in a boomcase??

  12. Joseph says:

    Can I play along on guitar whith iPod or phone or iPad..

  13. eoghan macleod says:

    I was wondering what amplifiers you use?
    Also would i be able to purchase one of you? I am looking for an amp with a wattage abit less than 100w.


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