Experiments in Sound

Introducing the EX-1 Alpha. The first BoomCase in our new Experimental BoomCase Series. Check it out in our online store to learn more.Image

Play The Name Game with us! We need some help naming our newest BoomCase Creation. Help us choose an awesome name and we will give you $25 in BoomBucks. Click Leave a Comment below or email us your best ones.Image


About Mr. SiMo

I make BoomCases. http://www.TheBoomCase.com
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4 Responses to Experiments in Sound

  1. Michael johnson says:

    yo’ you haft to call this joint the” Riheem ” Golden Grail LK3000, thats were ya wanna go with that rite their. This bag?box is not only stunning but say s I mean bizz g… So Im Mike J and there’s your name for the blaster,keep up the good work ,bc this shit is awsome. Your all welcome.

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