Sneaky Peaky

“The Titanic” – Custom Order- 400 watts 10 speakers. Double Battery, USB Charger, 150w Power Inverter (so you can power your laptop etc directly off case) and Bluetooth Wireless Audio : ) New Pics HERE


About Mr. SiMo

I make BoomCases.
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5 Responses to Sneaky Peaky

  1. Mr.Ron1 says:

    400 watts/Wireless audio!! *HEAD EXPLODES*
    You are doing gods work my friend.

  2. BSR says:

    Want! Is it sold yet and if not, how much?

    • SiMo says:

      It was a Custom Order so yeah,sold.
      But We are working on another one like this that will be available soon in the online store 🙂
      You can join my email list (on the right side of the page) and you will get the updates right away if you like.

      • BSR says:

        I’m on the list and have tried replying in the past when I saw a new one up or a bunch of suitcases come in — I understand with all the new publicity you’re pretty swamped now, but I’ll keep trying.

  3. kameron norwood says:

    chea, cant wait for this, i bet you guys are jealous

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