New MiNi BoomCase

We Switched to a smaller but more powerful amplifier thus allowing us to create smaller and lighter boomcases!

This Case is 200watts – 12+ Hour Battery Life – Remote Controlled On and Off.

Cost $325 – Sold.


About Mr. SiMo

I make BoomCases.
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6 Responses to New MiNi BoomCase

  1. Die Koffers says:

    Really curious what kind of amp you use that can put out 200 watts, also what kind of battery that can put out 200 watts for 9h+ that will fit in a “new mini boomcase”…would you be talking about “peak power watts” by any chance? If you are indeed talking about sinus watts, i expect your cases to weight a ton 😉

    best regards from electronically inclined,
    Die Koffers

    • SiMo says:

      they can last upto 15 hours realisitcally but it all depends on how loud you play your Boomcase.
      The amps I configure my self and are measured in RMS not peak. Peak is dubious. RMS is pretty good measurement I believe of wattage . Sure its not perfect but is accurate enough.

  2. Die Koffers says:

    why do you remove critical comments, even when politely worded?

    • SiMo says:

      I don’t remove them I just have to approve comments before they appear. I haven’t gotten around to doing them all yet. If your speaking about your previous comment I just approved it.

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